ECHO  |  Artist: Eugene Kosgoron

"ECHO is a reflection of basic geometry that is meant to create a phenomena that pulls you in and reverberates out at you. The series focuses on relating patterns with colors to provide a visual journey that can be deciphered in multiple ways. The technique allows a progression of colors to be built, hard edges to be softened and a production of artifacts (in the form of layering) that holds their own value. The composition in each painting is meant to explore an idea of aperture."

"While painting, I found taping to be a good way to bridge the gap between art and architecture. Taping allows me to mask, an application that is familiar to architects while working in the digital realm. Translating this logic onto a canvas gives me a sense of familiarity in my paintings. Applying layers in masking allows one to explore color properties deeper, allowing transitions from one hue to another by means of playing with value or saturation.

ECHO is a reflection of my process of thinking." - Eugene Kosgoron